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Scoble isn’t acting like Scoble… by that I mean that he seems to be giving in, or giving up, to Comment Spammers.  That is SO web 1.x.

Web 2.0 isn’t just about giving user’s control over their data  it is about taking control over your own data.  Scoble needs to reclaim his space.

I left a comment on his blog earlier about Spam Karma 2 (SK2) – an amazingly simple thing to install and set up, and something that takes almost ZERO maintenance time.  If he can’t add plugins to his WordPress installation then I am sure his good friends at WordPress can add SK2 to his blog for him.

Here’s a recent sampling of my SK2 dashboard in WordPress:

And yes, I know Scoble get’s more Spam in a day then I get in a year – but as my regular users know – I just don’ get spam here.  I have attempts – lots of them.  But SK2 catches them.  And I don’t have to do anything to manage it, except an infrequent comment moderation.

I have no clue how SK2 works – I haven’t had to try and figure it out.  I’ve had three “false positives” in moderated comments in the last four months, and never had the same commenter falsely filtered more than once.  If something is working for me, I move on – no need to deep-drill when it’s just working!

Akismet should buy SK2 – SK2 is MUCH more effective than Akismet was, and it has almost zero “face time” associated with it.

You don’t see it, but some of my comments are getting deleted by Akismet, the spam blocker that WordPress.com uses. Osman S Borutecene says he’s noticed comments being deleted here seemingly randomly. Truth is commenting in blogging is broken and is getting worse. In just the past 24 hours I’ve manually had to delete about 1,000 spams and in my already blocked page in WordPress.com there are about 10,000 spams. I have absolutely no way to go through and look for false positives, or real comments you’ve left that have been deleted automatically cause they triggered the spam system.

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  1. deannie says:

    eh, fair enough!

  2. @Deannie – I didn’t really think I was criticizing Scoble (well, maybe I am criticizing him for not moving his WordPress blog to a platform that he can actually manage!)

    But there is a solution to the problem he faces with spam – and he’s made at least two posts about spam since this one I linked to.

    Maybe I should criticize him though – for continually blogging about a problem that he CAN address. Spam is curable. SK2 is the antidote 🙂

  3. But your criticism of Scoble I think is unfair. While he does talk about the spam, the real underlying issue that he pokes at is the actual landscape itself. He remembers when it was all farmland and beautiful and now that all these tract houses have gone up with the lollipop trees, it just doesn’t feel like home anymore since the new neighbors are kind of loud and stuff. Spam was just one issue, the other issue is the sheer pressure to link back, the new companies vying for attention and his own personal life beckoning for attention.

  4. Dave – thanks for the insight – I hadn’t really considered that WP might consider SK2 to be a competetor. But SK2 is so much more effective than Akismet that WP is doing their user’s a diservice by not offering it to WordPress.com users.

    Just another reason I am glad I host my own WP install!

    Keep up the great work on SK2 – it IS appreciated!


  5. There’s one clear simple reason why Scobble (and anybody running their blog on the WP.com platform) will never ever have access to SK2 (beside possible scalability problems, which I reckon are more a matter of WP itself not scaling well at all): it’s called Akismet and is a commercial product offered by the very company that is also hosting WP.com…

    Incidentally, Akismet is also bundled with the supposedly entirely independent and community-based WordPress software. But I won’t even start on that, it’s way too early for such a rant.

  6. I was using SK2 first, but had to switch back to Akismet because I was getting complaints of Captchas (I HATE CAPTCHAS). But now, I just cleared some 100 pieces of spam from my not-so-often visited blog, and maybe, I should switch back….