James Kim – I wish I knew him

IMAGE: James and Kati Kim

But instead I am doing the same thing a lot of other bloggers are doing – posting about a man I never met.  But I know people who knew him – and their anguish over the last week plus has affected me, as it has others.

I don’t have any wonderful words of wisdom – or solace for family or friends.  But I can imagine James would feel as I would – that the most important goal was achieved.  His wife and young daughters were saved, and that’s what James was trying to ensure when he walked away from his car, and family – and sought rescue. 

My best to the Kim family and all of their friends.



  1. I’ve followed this story since it broke and had hoped for a happy ending with the family being found alive and together. After the news yesterday of the wife and kids being found alive, I figured that hollywood producers were already contacting the family for movie rights. But the perfect hollywood tear-jerking movie changed with the news of the finding of the fathers body. I was really hoping for a great ending to this story but alas, true life, and death, do occur despite hollywood’s fairytales. Peace and prayers to the family of Mr. Kim.

  2. Sad as the story is, there ARE some words of, very painful, wisdom here .. and they have been said many many times .. over and over and over again: if something like this ever happens to you: STAY WITH YOU CAR (boat, plane, group, whatever)… if you’re not familiar with the territory you’re in … DON’T WANDER OFF!