Jason Calacanis Launches Mahalo Today: Human Powered Search

Wow!  What a day!  Will Yuvi be working for Mahalo?

I lived in Hawaii for three years, so I LOVE the domain name!

Too much news to keep up with today.  Especially since I was so busy this morning.

Jason, congrats – now I understand the value Yuvi adds to Project X!!!


Jason Calacanis, formerly of Weblogs, Inc. and more recently an Entrepreneur in Action at Sequoia Capital, will launch his newest startup, Mahalo, this afternoon at 3 PS PST. The site is password protected until then.

Source: Jason Calacanis Launches Mahalo Today: Human Powered Search


  1. Oh – and I just had this thought – imagine what Yuvi could do if he had direct access to a database, instead of having to scrape websites?!?

    Imagine if he had unlimited bandwidth?

    Imagine if he has an infrastructure?

    Imagine if he had a mentor like Jason Calacanis!

    I’ve always expected a lot from Yuvi – mostly because Yuvi believes in Yuvi. Not in an arrogant way at all – he just believes he will be able to “get the job done”. And he’ll find the easiest and cheapest tool to get the job done.

    And easiest and cheapest is important for EVERY company!