imageI have never flown jetBlue.  Never even asked them for a rate quote.  I have NO HISTORY with jetBlue whatsoever.

Yet they sent me an email that makes it look like I have a relationship with them.  I do not believe I do.

This makes me LESS likely to ever fly jetBlue.  Why did they send it to me?  And what is the “TrueBlue Member Number” they included? It’s not my number.  I HAVE NO NUMBER with jetBlue.

If it’s advertising, it has backfired.  I had no negatives towards jetBlue UNTIL I received this unwanted email.


  1. 🙂 Doesn’t matter who sent it – it was Spam. And since it was jetBlue Spam, I’m pissed at jetBlue 🙂

  2. But what if it turned out to be sent by, say, Southwest .. just to piss you off… Then it DID work! 😉

  3. I don’t.  In fact, I *know* it WAS Spam.  It was an unwanted and unsolicited email – Spam.</p><p>Whether  it came from jetBlue directly or through someone else doesn’t matter to me… it is still Spam :)/p>

  4. How do you know it wasn’t spam?