Jimmy Justice — only in new york

Via Calacanis – this is funny, in a sad sort of way.  I hope this lady copy got canned.  And I hope the male cop at the end was charged with making a death threat.

I know several cops personally – none of them have attitudes like this.  All of the ones I know are really great people – trying to pay their bills and get through their shift.

The cops in this video are just assholes!

But now I have to start following Jimmy Justice!  It takes some cojones to confront an angry cop that has a gun, Taser, mace, Billy club, handcuffs and a ton of like-armed friends a radio call away.



Jimmy Justice — only in new york


  1. Police across the US act in the same manner as those in NY. I’m in Houston and daily a police officer will fly by going at least 15/20 miles over the speed limit.

    Then a mile or two up you will see them sitting on the side of the road with their speed gun pointed at traffic. It’s a double standard and until the state or city governments decide to address the situation nothing will be done.

    The bad thing is that traffic cops are at the bottom of the can you imagine what the upper echelon are up to?

  2. You make good points…

  3. @Deannie –

    Oh, I TOTALLY disagree with you on this one – unless a police officer is responding to a 911 call they should follow the same rules and laws everyone else has to. I imagine there is a legitimate safety reason for making u-turns illegal, and just because you are a cop doesn’t eliminate that risk.

    Plus, by your logic, we shouldn’t be pressing any charges against our military who break the law in Iraq – after all, they are putting their lives on the line EVERY day.

    It’s bad enough our legislatures are able to exclude themselves from many of the laws they pass – let’s not allow civil servants to do it as well.

    And I do not think Jimmy Justice is encouraging disrespect for an authority figure – that badge and gun make them a police officer – their own actions can make them an authority figure – and can make them a bungling idiot with no concerns for the safety of others who feels as if their position gives them privileges that it most certainly does not. Like the lady copy in the video.

  4. See, I had a totally different take on this. These folks put their lives on the line EVERY DAY. I just don’t give a flip if they make a U-turn in the business district. Rather, if that same office makes a U-turn to respond to my accident/emergency, it was the right call. We don’t have the privilege of knowing all the circumstances here nor does Jimmy Justice.

    Jimmy Justice is a moron, encouraging disrespect for an authority figure. If he was genuinely concerned with a bad pattern of behavior, he would get that video into the hands of responsible people, not just post it for his own self-serving, self-aggrandizing purposes.


  1. meneame.net says:

    Jimmy Justuce – Only In New York (eng)…

    Jimmy Justice (Juanito Justicia para los amigos) es un tio que va con su video cámara por las calles de New York… y cuando el tio ve que un policía comete una irregularidad lo filma y se enfrenta a el… Bien por Jimmy!…