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If there were ever a job description that would get me to consider joining a large company again – well, this would be it.

How cool would this job be?


Come make Windows Live the best place to share your digital memories! Heard of Flickr? YouTube? How about. Mac? This role will work across the new Windows Live division with teams like Spaces, SkyDrive, Messenger and Hotmail to construct a winning strategy for Microsoft in photo and video sharing. This role involves leading the team to design the strategy then build and implement a winning solution that will be loved by millions of customers. This feature team is building a next-generation photo and video sharing service that will compete with flickr, smugmug and other photo web solutions today. This is a v1 opportunity. This role requires a strong PM with several product cycles of consumer experience. Successful candidates will have strong strategic thinking, outstanding cross team leadership and a proven track record of shipping. The right candidate for this position has an entrepreneurial streak – and functions well as part of a team. The ideal candidate has experience shipping consumer web solutions. The Digital Memories Experience team (DMX) is helping people make deeper connections with those they care about. We want to give you the ability to effortlessly share your memories, be that a simple slideshow of photos and videos (e.g. evolution of the Vista Slideshow or of Photo Story), a carefully authored experienced (evolution of Movie Maker), or a fully interactive cinematic multimedia experience (a narrated 3D path through a Photosynth that you can control). And we want to make it easy and fun to enjoy your photos and videos, whether that is on the PC in your office, the Media Center in your living room, the XBox in your entertainment center, or on your mobile device when you are out and about. DMX is a part of the Windows Live Experience division (WLX/LEX), which also includes Mail, Hotmail, Messenger, SkyDrive, Spaces, Writer, Calendar, and Family Safety. To achieve our vision for digital memories we work with many other teams including: Core User Experience, Find & Organize, Graphics (Windows Imaging Codecs – WIC – and DirectX) in WEX, MCE, Expression, SmartFlow, and Xbox. [This paragraph brought to you by our love of keyword targeting :)]

Job Details – Microsoft Careers


  1. And the funny thing – I am COMPLETELY qualified for this position. Except perhaps the lack of degree that MS and others (Google is stupid in this regard) requires of people now.

    But I have and use EVERY acronym used above. I know MS consumer products better than MS support does. I am not bragging – I’m just an avid user.

    But still not interested in “working for the man” again. The man is blind, and often stupid.

    Big business does not work for their customers anymore – they work for investors.

    And that is exactly why I consult now.