Joining the conversations – podcasts and politics

I’m pretty much a libertarian (not a member of the party – I just share a lot of their views). I am not a member of any political party – I consider them all evil.

Yesterday I joined two podcasts. The first is a quick listen – “District of Corruption” – An irreverent look at Washington D.C. area social media and public relations. A 30 minute podcast where I talk about “the beer test” – which candidate/President would I most/least want to share a beer with.

The second podcast brings back some of the same theme – and the “beer test” analogy. But this podcast was with Steve Gillmor, David Sanborn, Jason Calacanis, and others.

It was pretty cool talking to someone that actually played at Woodstock!

This podcast is in two parts – I don’t chime in until the second part (and then maybe too much). I also make a couple of “I’m nervous” mistakes, like misidentifying the college in Chicago David Sanborn was at, and said the first person I voted for was John Alexander (although I know perfectly well it was John Anderson).

I’m not really a comfortable public speaker – and just because it is on the phone, it doesn’t get any easier.

But I enjoyed the podcast a lot – we talk about politics, and I again speak highly of Mr. Obama. But I haven’t decided who I will vote for – I rarely do until the last moment.

Part one is here, and part two is here.

I like doing podcasts – I “meet” some of the most interesting people, and the conversation is always interesting. Plus, since I work out of my home, it gives me a chance to interact with other adults 🙂