Joost – Sign up for beta testing – Application confirmed

UPDATE – I appreciate that a lot of you want invites to Joost.  Good for them that they have such demand.  While I appreciate the traffic this post has caused, I regret I cannot help you get an invite.  I don’t even have one myself yet – Rob

OK - Who can give up an invite to me? Come on, someone?  No?  Damn.  I guess I have to hope Joost sees this and coughs one up.

I do think the future of media is via the Internet.  That doesn’t mean computers.  It could just as well mean TVs.  In any case, I’m interested in seeing what they are up to. 

Thank you for confirming your email address. We’ve got all your details and we’ve added you to the list of prospective beta-testers. Lots of people want to be part of Joost”, so we may not be able to process your application immediately – but keep an eye on your inbox for further details from us. Don’t want to wait? Try getting hold of an invitation from another tester. All new beta-testers now get tokens allowing them to invite friends and acquaintances, and these tokens will give you instant access to Joost”. Get ahead of the curve – beg your friends for an invite today! Best regards, The Joost” team

Source: Joost” – Sign up for beta testing – Application confirmed


  1. @Pablo – sent it. Enjoy ❗

  2. Pablo says:

    Hi! I am desperate too to get an invite. Do you still have any? I would really appriciate a hand on this.

    TV in this century is going to be all about internet and I want to see what Joost is up to and offering even in a beta version.

    Thanks in advance


  3. Elias says:

    Hi, someone – anyone – please invite me to Joost. There is a desperate man here…
    I really appreciate the help in advance.


    In advance, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Please, I am literally begging for a Joost invite:

    fossrus (at)

  5. Captain Billdad says:

    What the hell, stop waisting your frikkin time.

    Go sign upfor beta testing at

    I signed up and got my pass a week later.

  6. I would also love a Joost invite, so please email me at if you have one…thanks!

  7. I would like to get invited too


  8. preshini says:

    i need it plese-im reserching allover town 2 that

  9. I would like to get invited too.

    My email :


  10. I would like to get invited too.

    My email :


  11. Hi there, PLEASE can anybody invite me for the Joost Beta? I wanna test this but i dont know from where to get invited? Thanks a lot from germany

    suedlicht ad

  12. A long shot I guess, but if there are any invites left from anyone…

    gav at predixions dot co dot uk


  13. Can I please get an invite for joost. My email address is


  14. Could somebody invite me, my mail adress is

  15. Can I please get an invite. My email address is


  16. Hi Guys!!!!

    I would LOVE it if someone would INVITE me to JOOST!!!!! I’m hooked on internet TV, and this sounds AWESOME..

    PLEASE send me an invitation if you have an extra one… Please…

    Thank you!!!!


  17. By the way i accept only western union in Luxembourg name is Ramo Kularaas

  18. Ramo – go peddle your wares someplace else, please.

  19. 20 $ for me to invite you, so that you could start using it asap

  20. i see there are a lot of people on the line, but i would be thankfull if someone send me an invitation too

    my e mail is

  21. Can someone send me an invite if they have a spare, I never get invited to nuthin. I’m so old that my body is haunted and I might not be here when Joost ever send me one. I will love you forever and ever. Well, not really, but I sure will be very thankfull. Peace to the world and that.

  22. PLEASE!
    If anyone has a spare invite i would really appreciate one.
    I am really looking forward to having more internet tv and would love to get it now.
    starrieeyes –gmail

  23. I would love to get a invite as well. I currently watch a ton of tv online using the sites provided by abc,cbs, nbc, ect to view there shows online. It is awsome. I would love to see how this works.

  24. Hey everyone,

    it would be great if i could get an invite too 🙂

    Thank you very much, perhaps anyone of you has one spare.


    Greets Ruben

  25. Hi,

    I’m looking for an invite too! Reminds me of when GMail was new, and there was a website set up for requesting gmail ids 🙂 Any kind souls willing to offer an invite: please send one to acerbix [a-t] gmail dot com.

    Thanks a mil.

  26. I’d love an ivite as well. If there are any going spare I’m at

    Thanks masses!!

  27. Guys.. i also badly need a Joost invite. If anyone has spare one’s and can help me join the community, i’d really appreciate. Thanks in advance

  28. Hey, could you please drop me one.

  29. LOL….

    Joost is stirring things up around world… when i first heard of the project.. i didn’t think they could pull it off to such quality.. the software looks very good, another colleague of mine has been using it and has run out of his invites…

    i was wondering if anyone has a spare invite they could lend me one, it would be very much appreciated…

    i dont know if i can wait so long to get an invite from joost :)… ( if you could pass one over to this email it’d be great)

  30. Pasquale says:

    I would very much like an invite to Joost.

    If you coul provide me with one,

    That’d be great!

    Please and Thank You,

  31. Based on the number of hits I’ve received on this post, I have asked Joost to provide me with some invites. Since I am sure there are more of you that want invited than the numbers of invites I will get (if any) I’ll probably run some kind of contest for them. I’ll have to think about what. But I would rather give ten of you invites than not give any of you invites – you went so far out of your way to get here 😉


  32. Christian says:


    An invite to Joost would be really, really appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance


  33. Jason lowry says:

    If anyone else has a spare… I’d appreciate it.


  34. Can some one gve me a Token to enjoy Joost!!!!



  35. If you guys can, send me one too …

  36. can i pls have 1 too if u guys have spear one heres my email

  37. I too want a Joost invite! I understand I am low on the list, but I would definately appreciate it, or if someone is interested in vending one…

    email me at

    Thanks all!

  38. Hi guys pls let me know if one of you has a spare joost invite. I would appreciate it.

  39. All – Joost is having some server issues. I haven’t even gotten a token yet. Not sure I’ll be able to help anyone with this request.


  40. If there happens to be an extra could you shoot it over to creeva [at]

  41. Anyone can drop me an invitation, would be highly appreciated.


  42. Add me to the list! I’d love to get an invitation too!!

  43. @Adam – we’ll see if I get any. If I do, sure!

  44. Ohhh, if you have an extra can you sign me up too?! Thx

  45. @Paul – I haven’t received my email notification yet (I should sometime this morning). Assuming I get tokens, I’ll save one for you!

  46. Does that mean you have tokens now too? (and if so, can I get one?)

  47. Done. Thanks! I left it in a comment to your “About” page, since I didn’t find an email address.


  48. I have a few going spare — drop me an email. 🙂