Just Give the One Finger Salute and Keep Going

I met with someone this past week that was being negative – telling what could not be done.

I wish I could have given the one finger salute.  But it wouldn’t have been proper 🙂


And that gets me to the title of this post. At the end of the video, when Kittinger has just landed, another man runs up, pats him affectionately on the head, and gives him the finger. What was that about, I ask? “Oh, that was Francis Beaupre, the designer of the parachute. The one-finger salute was for all the people who said we couldn’t do it. There are always going to be people around telling you you can’t do stuff. Just give them that one-finger salute and keep going.”

We all stood up and applauded. “There were giants on the earth in those days.”

Source: Google Reader (63)