Just how close to perfect was I?

imagePicking in a football pool on the first week is hard – you don’t really know the teams well yet, etc.

But I came VERY close to a perfect week – 15 correct picks and one incorrect one.  But the tiebreaker is the combination of the Monday night score.

The combined score was 37.  My pick? 37.

You don’t get much closer to perfect than that!

I know I may be boring you with football – but if you look at this beyond just being a “football thing” the odds of getting that much right are very, very low.

Usually in life you just need to be “mostly right” and you will do ok.

This week though I had to be “mostly perfect” – the guy right behind me had 14 right and two wrong.  He picked 43.5 points for the tie-breaker though.

So if I would have guessed one win more incorrectly, I would have still won overall, because of the tie-breaker.

This is like winning on the River in Texas Hold  ’em.  You make your bets, and wait and see what happens.  Sometimes the river delivers fresh fish and water – other times it overflows its banks and consumes you.

In either case, it’s fun to play.  Especially when the river is nice to you!


  1. Okay, I’ll pretend that I can pretend to even pretend to understand this.