Just my son and I today

My daughter is spending a few nights with her mom, so Derek and I are hanging out.  We watched an awesome trailer for Halo 3, filled out some College applications online, and are getting ready to eat what is probably my favorite left-over meal.  Left-over tamales with day old chili poured over them.  Really good stuff.

I don’t usually make chili when my daughter is home, because she doesn’t appreciate the 16 spices that go into a flatulence-inducing work of art like my chili.  Women!

Cold, wet, and ugly outside here.  Glad I’m not shopping, and I am feeling sorry for those of you who are (not really – but I thought it would be a nice thing for me to say).

But spending time with my son today is what the season is really about.  It’s not about the mall, or the money, the gifts, or the greed.  It’s about quality time well spent with someone you love.  I don’t need Walmart or the mall, or anything they offer, for me to have a complete holiday.  I need my family, and my friends – and some quality time with them.  I haven’t asked for anything more, and will no longer settle for anything less.

And to all of you, whatever your wishes are for the Holidays – I hope you are rewarded with them.  I also hope your Holiday ends up at least half as nice as mine already is.