Just this week…

It’s only Tuesday, and just this week I have had three people suggest I do a more focused blog on Web 2.0 startups, social networking, etc.  A Professional blog.

I’ve tried that.  I have 7 WordPress blogs and a half-dozen blogger blogs.  Some with really smart sounding names – some with silly ones “Not A Valley Boy” is one, I think.  I’ve not been able to keep any sort of focus on any of them.  They just don’t interest me.

But I don’t like blogging about just tech stuff – in fact, I don’t like blogging about tech stuff much at all – a lot of people can do that, and do it very well.  But I am the only one that can blog about my life with any authority – so that’s what I like to do.

This is a vanity blog, I suppose.  And I am fine with that.  It was never intended to be anything other than, “Hey, friends – here’s what I think”.

I know a lot of accomplished bloggers – and I understand that focusing on one topic is probably the way to go if you want to build a blogging empire.  I don’t.  In fact, I can’t imagine a worse fate than managing a bunch of opinionated, egotistical bloggers.  I can’t imagine it would be worth the money :). 

I like being able to write about whatever is floating my boat on a given day.  Something about my kids on Monday, a rant at a vendor on Tuesday. Something cool I found on the web on WED.

While blogs like Lifehacker and Techcrunch are akin to The Computer Chronicles, my blog is more like an old variety TV show.  You never know what to expect.  Neither do I.

So I’ll continue on the same course I am on, because it’s the course I want to be on.  People that want tech blogs can find them.  People that want to read about Web 2.0 can find a lot of opportunities out there.  People that are interested, humored, or irate about what I write can keep reading. Or not.

Chances are, I will keep blogging.  At least until you bore me šŸ™‚