Keeping online when the power goes out

When I lived in Florida (and got hit by four hurricanes in six weeks) I learned something useful, that came in handy again today.

Hurricane Jeanne over Florida

In Florida, after the first big storm knocked out power for two weeks, I bought a generator.  After a few days of no Internet I decided to just plug the cable modem into the generator and see what would happen.  Since the Cable TV still hadn’t come back, I figured nothing would happen – but I was wrong.  Even though the cable TV was out, the Internet still worked!


I don’t have the generator anymore – it now lives at Paul’s house.  I do have a UPS though.  So when power went out due to thunderstorms this morning I hooked the cable modem into the UPS, and connected the Ethernet directly to my notebook.  And it worked.  Even though I didn’t have power I was still able to surf the web, and get some work done during the 45 minute-plus power outage.

It’s a useful hack to keep in mind, if you have a generator or a UPS and are prone to power failures.