King Tut: Tomb Discovery

I don’t know how I got to this site tonight.  Through a post in Wired, I think.  But this paragraph confuses me in many ways.  Was the tomb plundered>  Twice?  Never?  Once?  "The tomb, which was thought to be left intact, was believed to be robbed twice"

And was the tomb a humble tomb or was the tomb a not humble tomb?  And can we type tomb often enough?

I know – I must just be in a bitchy mood.  I should sleep.

King Tuts tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings and is by far the best preserved royal tomb ever discovered. The tomb, which was thought to be left intact, was believed to be robbed twice. Even though this tomb revealed treasure beyond our imagination, it was modestly furnished compared to the pharaohs before and after his time. This humble tomb had remained hidden for 3000 years and had eluded tomb robbers and flash floods throughout the centuries. With the odds stacked against finding this tomb, the discovery of this tomb was brought to light through Theodore M. Davis who was an American business man.

King Tut: Tomb Discovery


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  2. @Paul – thanks  It wasn’t just me then.  I read that two or three times and really couldn’t make much sense out of it!

  3. Odd article indeed. What makes it REALLY odd, is that they mention “the American” Theodore M. Davis as the discoverer of King Tut’s tomb. That seems to remove any doubt about the fact that they don’t know what they are talking about.
    Davis DID find some tombs in the valley of the Kings, after which he declared the valley ‘exhausted’. In 1922 Howard Carter (an Englishman) proved him wrong by finding King “Tut’s” tomb! Carter found Tut’s tomb (and butchered it and its mummy .. hacked it in pieces), not Davis.