Knock Knock – the BOX 360 is dead

*Sigh*.  My kids just knocked on my bedroom door and gave me the bad news.  I KNEW it was dying, and sent MS an email two weeks ago – but since it HADN’T died (it just “screeched” when a game disc was in it – otherwise it worked fine) MS support couldn’t help me.

We’ll see if they can tomorrow.  The XBOX is under warranty, so the money thing isn’t a big deal.  It should be free.

But it’s the first week out of school for my kids – and the Halo 3 beta only lasts for another week.  I doubt we’ll get the box back before the beta expires.  And all that time my kids have no XBOX 360.  And I have to watch my video podcasts on my PC, instead of my big screen.

I’ll get a Wii to play with if I can find one – that’ll keep them happy, and I really want to play the golf game with that Wii controller!  It won’t be Tiger Woods 2007 in HD glory, I know.  But it’ll be fun, from everything I have read.

But I really wonder why companies don’t believe me when I tell them something is “wrong”, or “dying”.  They assume I am an idiot.

I have a theory on this – I think it is because they hire idiots to talk to me.


  1. 🙁 Well, I just talked to XBOX support. After 20 minutes proving it was really broken, they are sending a box to ship it back for repairs. Best case? Ten days. Worse case – up to three weeks.

    Sigh. 😥

  2. They do hire idiots to talk to you. Not too long ago, the receiver box on my satellite TV service started to emit the unmistakable odor of impending electronic death–burning insulation. I called their service line, and the idiot I spoke with wanted me to check that an animal had not crawled in there and died. I patiently explained that the receiver is near the middle of a room, with lots of air space on all sides, and does not have holes big enough for anything larger than a bug to crawl in. I pointed out that I had been working with electronics for 30 years, and knew what I was smelling was not biological. Nevertheless, I was not believed when I predicted the box would fail in less than a month. It did, I called them again, and they shipped a replacement. In the meantime, no TV.

  3. You could do what we did when VS ’05 Beta 2 expired: Set the date back 😀


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