KY – "It tingles"

ky1 While watching NBC tonight (after 8PM) I saw a commercial for a "KY personal lubricant that tingles" – or something like that.

Seems like an odd commercial for that time slot.  In any case, as my long-time readers know, I don’t use any products that "tingle" any more.  Been there, done that.  But I had to learn more – so I can warn everyone!

I also tried to include some text from the KY site here, but unfortunately some stupid-ass designer convinced them to do a nearly 100% Flash-based site.  Ugh!

Here’s a screen capture of the "benefits" of this product though (click to enlarge – actually, maybe just rub some of this lotion on the picture to enlarge it).



  1. Correct! And BOY does it sting indeed….

  2. @Paul – I won’t even ask how you just happened to have some of this lotion at the office… of course, the way your management has totally f*cked things up, I guess I should have assumed ALL of you would have an ample supply of KY "on hand"…

  3. "maybe just rub some of this lotion on the picture "

    Oh GREAT! Now my whole cubicle smells "minty" …