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I was hanging out on Scoble’s Kyte.TV channel today and Scoble was there, chatting away with about 120 other people. There were a lot of topics – but one of them was focused on the “ultimate blogging platform”.

To be honest, I am more interested in the “ultimate reading platform” than the ultimate blogging platform. But of course, I shared my opinions anyway!

In any case, I write: “Robert – when I am on YOUR site, I want it to look how I want it to look – perhaps your Flickr isn’t important to me, but your videos are… so I would prefer to highlight the videos. That will be the next shift we see – when YOUR Facebook page morphs to my tastes/requirements”.

Scoble replies: “kr8tr: So you would change to default to the video blade”

Me: “Exactly – and not only that – your site will learn from my “online history” what is really most interesting to me – and will display that with prominence”

Scoble: “kr8tr: Now you are thinking! You should do a video here.”

While I doubt I’ll do a video on Scoble’s channel, I may start dabbling with video on my own channel. Not anytime soon. I’m a little busy right now!

But I would like to explore the idea more about making blogging platforms smart enough to learn from my reading habits – and perhaps adjusting the contents – even of individual blogs – to meet my reading habits.

The real problem with social networking is that all of these tools are designed to learn a lot about us. But they aren’t learning from us. And they aren’t using what they are learning/could be learning to improve my end-user experience.

They are leaving a lot of value wasting away in their databases.

And that makes me think that I am wasting a lot of time uploading the same profile over and over, and over again. Adding the same friends over, and over, and over again.

This isn’t social networking at all – this is anarchy. A social network is connected. Having 150 different sites with my profile that don’t know anything about each other, don’t talk to each other, don’t sync with each other and don’t try to learn about what I really want is just a waste of my time. Until “Social Networks” actually start saving me time, or help me to make me money, they are just a toy that the Geeks will use. Or the kiddies will abuse.

I really want to be able to set up multiple data-sets about me. Certain things (profile picture, name, etc) will always be public and can be shared amongst all of the sites I am a member of. If I upload a new “global profile picture” then it should just propagate to all of my online haunts.

Other data, like my contact info would be a little more controlled. And some data would be completely controlled. But at the end of the day, I would have complete control over my data. Over what was shared, and how. What was propagated, and when.

One day the network will really be social. Until then we just have a bunch of disconnected cliques on the web – stupid software that doesn’t learn from me. Stupid software that think my starting page should look just like the starting page of a hairdresser in Queens.

And yes – I know I can manually build a very specific set of items on a lot of these sites. I can spend a lot of time telling them what to show me.

I would rather they learned from me, and made those adjustments in real-time without me having to tell them that this month I am really interested in Microsoft SQL and not videos about some silly Miss Teen USA.

I wish these Social Network sites would use just a bit of what they learn about me to benefit me – instead of using almost everything they learn about me to target advertising to me.

I guess that’s gonna have to wait until “Web 5.0” or something…


kyte: Scobleizer: sponsored by Seagate channel


  1. @Yannick – I appreciate your comments. I didn’t mean for this post to sound as if it was directed at Kyte – it is directed at social web sites in general. Of course you bring up a valid point – if you want something from someone (a new software feature, a date, whatever) you HAVE to ask! 😎


  2. Hello,

    I`ve just read your blog and your thoughts are really interessting although a bit complicated. I understand what you want to say,
    the platform is not personly yet.
    Why don`t you write your ideas or thoughts to a member of the kyte team, you know, kyte is still a beta, at the beginning, it`s very important to give them feedback to improve the product and your thoughts are very usefull.
    The abilities of kyte are amazing and it would be great getting them better with good ideas.

    Think about it.