Lauren’s latest sketch

Lauren is having more fun with my Wacom tablet than I am 🙂


  1. Sketchswap is cool!

  2. MissM – interesting on the JS error. I’ll see if I can replicate it. I don’t recall ever seeing it.

    Thanks for letting me know!


  3. Dagnabit, I meant to also add, that each page of your site gives me a dialog box in Firefox that says a script is slowing down the site, and do I want to stop the script, which I say yes to, every time. just fyi. Normally an RSS reader 🙂

  4. Very nice sketch, I heard about a place that gives you a blank screen, then you submit your art, and you get one back. I can’t draw, and a mouse just handicaps me more. 🙂 I thought y’all might be interested.

  5. Without the text, I would’ve been sure it was a portrait photoshopped with a lot of filters. Lauren sure does have a lot of sketching skills 😀