Lawmakers should permit casino gambling in Texas, poll shows

 I support legal gambling in Texas purely for ecological reasons.  It’s an eight hour drive to New Orleans, about the same to Shreveport.  It’s a huge waste of fuel making me drive that far!

State senators from Houston and Dallas are proposing a plan that, if ultimately approved by Texas voters, would dedicate revenue generated by state-regulated casino operations to financial aid programs for college students.

One fear is that casino gaming, if located along San Antonio’s River Walk, would hurt the existing businesses among the city’s top tourist attraction.

However, 67 percent of online voters supported legalized casino operations. Several said that Texas already has legalized gambling with the lottery. It only makes sense to also add casinos as well, some supporters say.

Source: Lawmakers should permit casino gambling in Texas, poll shows – San Antonio Business Journal:


  1. I did an online poll today! Oh, it was part of a vendors webcast but it was a poll and it was online. yay, glad to know I am an idiot.

    I have often wondered about the sort of traffic casinos really do attract though. Why is it that the crime rate was so bad for so long in New Orleans? Just asking, I DONT HAVE ANY FACTS.

  2. @Bob .. as for “actual, convincing, realistic evidence

    Can you provide the same for YOUR claims?

    – “67% of online voters are idiots”
    – ” For every $1 a casino makes .. it will create $3 in social cost”
    – “it actually has a negative impact”
    – “It takes a year for someone to become an addicted [sic]”

  3. Bob – you must be young. Someone more mature would realize that you cannot start a discussion by calling your audience an idiot.

    So I won’t engage with you – it would be a waste of my energy.

  4. Bob Sanders says:

    67% of online voters are idiots. Have they not read about gambling at all? Do you know haw much damage a casino on the river walk would do? You say it helps the economy…it actually has a negative impact, look at New Jersey, they are so far in the hole the goverment can’t even bail them out. It takes a year for someone to become an addicted now. For every $1 a casino makes in revenue it will create $3 in social cost. You say that you will help the economy and reserve money for college aid…thats the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. When the first “VLTs” appeared on a race track in 1989 it took a year until they started asking the state to forgive a $10.5 million debt. So when you have some actual, convincing, realistic evidence that legalizing gambling in Texas would be a good idea, then you can talk.


  1. Lawmakers should permit casino gambling in Texas, poll shows