Learning Locker (again)

For those looking for an update:

I spent most of the morning stealing text educating myself on the available material on the Internet. Hopefully I can update the WiKi Business Plan in the next day or so.

I’ve been mentally focused on trying to get companies to donate material for this project, but I also realize I will need cash donations as well. Even non-profits have to pay utilities, etc. I’ve started talking with a couple of large retailers about partnerships where they do both. This takes time. And persistence. I find they are all generally and seemingly genuinely interested. But I’ve test driven a lot of cars I didn’t buy, and I’ve heard a lot of business pitches I didn’t invest in.

I still need help with a lot of stuff – especially getting the word out – the more people that know what I am trying to do, the better chance I find someone that can help!

A local network-affiliated station has offered to give me some air time – either in the nightly news, on a local morning show, or in a PSA. But I don’t know that I have much to say yet beyond, “I have a dream” – and since that’s been done before (by a much better man than me), I don’t think I’ll get much mileage off of it!

I need to focus on the sales/marketing pitch – on how I get others to believe. I find this to be pretty easy for me in small groups, but it’s much harder, if not impossible to convey the emotion, or passion, or even need in text, or a PowerPoint slide. I think I need those things, but I need them for when I personally meet people and make the pitch. I don’t really like talking to large audiences (mostly because it is difficult for me to tell if I am connecting with them or not.) I’ve been on TV a couple of times in my life, and done a talk or two in front of hundreds of people – but I know I wasn’t as effective as I am in a room with 5-10 people. So I need to focus on what I am good at at try to convince small pockets of people to become my larger voice…

So that’s about where I am today. Not a lot of real progress, but it’s only been a few days. Patience is something else I have to learn to embrace. I can’t expect to accomplish this in a week, or even a month.