Learning Locker – Physical verse Cyber Space

I’ve had a couple of interesting chats with teachers this evening.  Although they would appreciate whatever they can get, they did make a good point about teachers being pretty much social animals.

They would prefer a name and face they can deal with – not saying they wouldn’t use an online site.  They like that idea.  But they also seem to like the idea of having someone local they can thank, meet, invite in to meet students, etc.

I’m a member of the BMW MOA – the BMW Motorcycle Owner’s of America.  Have been for years.  They have Ambassadors – and I think that idea can work for The Learning Locker.  We select, appoint, (whatever) ambassadors in each area, and they are the volunteer representatives for The Learning Locker – they can attend local functions to present (and hopefully accept) awards, meet with schools, teachers, media, etc.

I know the BMW MOA has been very successful with this approach, and I don’t know why it couldn’t be applied to The Learning Locker.

I think that will allow an Internet operated organization, but still give it a local face.