Learning Locker Roundup – Day One

Well, I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped, but what I did get done gives me hope!

I am blogging about this in the hope that people here will continue to egg me on and make me make this happen. It’s too easy to run into roadblocks and get discouraged when you think you are “on your own”. I know I am not alone in this desire, and I already feel the presence of friends like Bruce, Ann, and Deannie egging me along with very helpful and needed encouragement.

I didn’t find a lawyer today, but I talked to a few. The one I really want wasn’t in town, so I’ll talk to her tomorrow (I hope). She set up the last two for-profit startups I helped found. I hope she loves the idea and gets pumped up to help – she’s good people, so even if she can’t be the lead attorney, I know she will provide good advice.

I talked to three WalMart managers today – all local. They love the idea, or pretended to. They are willing to help, but there are of course limits to what a local manager can do. Basically the same story holds true for Target, and even Lowe’s (I called Lowe’s because I will need shelving, and other assorted store fixtures. Lowe’s seems to be a very good potential partner.

Of course I didn’t get any commitments from anyone – I didn’t ask for them. I’m not ready for that yet. Still waiting for the teachers to respond, and they are just now getting out of school.

My Realtor friend was VERY jazzed about the idea, and he promises his support, and is right now trying to find a suitable location.

If things start moving a bit faster, and as momentum grows, I’ll put a separate blog at the domain http://learninglocker.org. There isn’t anything there to speak of now – just a simple Register.com starter page. If anyone wants to volunteer hosting, that would be really cool! As any WhoIs query will tell you, I registered the domain some time ago – let’s put it to good use now!

Finally the Point of Sale system I was working on fell through, so I’ll need to spend some more time researching how I do that. Keep in mind I want this to be a very replicable process – cheap and easy. I want to go through most of the pain now so it makes it easier for other franchises to burn a Xerox copy of what I’m doing and get up and running quickly (and cheaply).

I think I’m out of gas for today. I’ll give another update tomorrow, and as things progress.