Leave your car unlocked – you are helping terrorists!

OK, I was reading blog posts and heard a new commercial on the TV.  It was about the 50,000 Texans a year that “give their car keys to car thieves”.  Basically leave their keys in the car is what they were getting at, I think.

But they had these odd examples of people walking up to people breaking into their cars, handing them the keys to the car, telling them what to do with the car (use it to smuggle drugs, etc) and walking off.

But the last scene was just freaky – a guy was breaking into this girls car, she walks up, hands over her keys to him and says, “”ship it overseas and use it for a car bomb””


Really…  WTF?

Did I really hear this right?

How inappropriate for a commercial reminding me to lock my car to tie itself to the random, cowardly, terrorist acts of fanatics half a planet away.

How odd.