"Let’s Roll"

Nobody knows where flight 93 might have been headed after the terrorists took control.  Perhaps the White House, where our government would have been seriously damaged through the loss of the Vice President, and many high level employees with functions that cross every system of our Government.

Or perhaps the Capitol Building – where the devastation to our government would have had a much greater short-term impact on our ability to keep a functioning government, economy, and society.

Because these could have been the targets I really hold the passengers of flight 93 in very high regard.  We don’t know what they protected us from – but we do know what they did not allow to get [more] injured.

Our country slowed for days – commerce slowed drastically but it didn’t halt.  Wall Street was suspended, but it did not fail.  Our government was in shock, but not disarray.

I don’t know what those brave people on flight 93 protected us from, but I know it was significant – at least as significant as the Towers, and the Pentagon.

There is no doubt they saved more lives than were lost on flight 93 – at least no doubt in my mind.  And for that they have my respect, and appreciation.

Here is a link to an admitted emotional reaction I had on the day after 9/11.  I recommend you right click it and save it to your computer before opening it, otherwise it will show up very choppy.  I don’t know that I shared this with anyone, or at least not many before.  It’s PowerPoint, so I hope you can see it.  It’s also being served off my cable modem, so I expect it will be painfully slow to download and almost unviewable if you try to watch it online. 

(PS – this is my last 9/11 post this year – promise)