Let’s stop talking about social networking

Because EVERY web site will be a “social networking site”. Every site will have to include some elements of social networking.

That won’t be the fun part though – Big Businesses will be forced to become social – and that’s gonna be a lot of fun! 

Instead of ignoring customers on third party forums companies will be forced to deal directly not only with a disgruntled customer, but with a disgruntled community.

Can you imagine a community for your cable company where they are actually held accountable not by a customer, but by a vocal community of customers?

Customer service is going to be extremely important over the next few years – social networking and blogging, etc will demand it.

Companies won’t be able to hide pissed off customers any more – in fact, they will be hosting them.  Companies will be giving them their soapboxes.  So they better start planning for it.

It’ll be a different kind of customer support though, because the customers will demand more.  They will be better educated through the community, better prepared to engage you through the community, and better supported by a community.

Yeah – I would start planning for this soon. Yesterday maybe.