Life, and Death

I was just preparing myself to commit this blog to The Learning Locker and avoid other topics… but I found out tonight that an ex co-worker has passed away, and I can’t not share my emotions.  Jerry Lusk was a talented programmer.  I’ve met a lot of those.  But Jerry was also a wonderfully kind human being – the kind I always hoped to be.  If one of my employees approached him about a “bug” he would say, “OK, I probably f*cked” up”.  And he worked with my team to find out the root cause, and he did it gracefully and without an ego and he just “got it” that QA and Development were not enemies – we were a team.

Jerry was probably the programmer that most understood this, and didn’t ever make my team feel like we were “tattling on him”. if we found a bug.  He assumed we knew what we were talking about.  He assumed he was human, and fallible.  He just wanted to find the bug, and fix the bug, and he appreciated us finding it before a customer did.

Jerry was the best type of coworker – he got along with everyone, he didn’t have an agenda, and he was respected.  I just wish I would have told him that before he passed. 

We were a fairly small group here in San Antonio, and we basically got along like a family.  Tonight I lost a member of that family – a good and decent man who leaves behind a family.  I’m bummed.  Jerry left too soon.



  1. I am so sorry for the loss…you have my sympathies.