Lighting Strikes

I was watching American Choppers on Discovery HD when my monitors for my cameras all lit up solid white – the lighting struck close.  The CCD’s on the cameras couldn’t handle the abrupt change from night to day and they shut down (note to self – if you ever want to rob something at night, it is easy to blind CCD cameras). 

Before the cameras could recover, the power went out – only briefly – a minute of so.

When power came on I heard a cat giving birth in my kitchen.  Really.  It sounded like a cat giving birth.  It was, in fact, my under counter TV I have used to have in my kitchen.  It was fried, but it was alive enough to make horrid noises. Hopefully I can save the 5 inch LCD screen for something else – but the TV tuner is dead.

I thought other electronics might also be affected, so I walked around the house, turning on computers, TV’s, radios, etc.  The only other thing damaged was a ten dollar clock radio.  Lucky me.  Unlucky for you; my web server was just fine.

And yes – I have four cameras at my house.  Three out front, and one in the back.  Why?  Why not?  I like seeing who is in my driveway before they get to the door.  Besides, I can keep an eye on not just my house, but my neighbor’s. Since I work out of my home, I can keep an eye on things for a lot of hours of the day. And with my Slingbox, I can also monitor the driveway via my cell phone from almost anywhere (comes in handy with two teenagers!).

But it’s still storming now – big storms.  So I expect I’ll lose power again this evening.  Hopefully I won’t lose any more electronics.