Lightning Strikes – Again!

I planned on sleeping in this morning, but very early there were several lightning strikes that woke up even my teenagers.  For four hours the Internet was out (so I went back to sleep).

Once I woke up the Internet was out for another hour or so (and so were the lights, for a bit).  My Time Warner Digital Phone Modem is totally fried (and they can’t replace it until Sunday! – so no home phone for now).  It won’t even power up.

25JULY07 012But this afternoon my son took my dog Yoshi out from for a chance to tinkle (the dog, I think – not my son (I think)).

My son came back in and asked me what exploded on the front sidewalk.

I went and looked.  This can only be a lightning strike, I think – it was fine yesterday.

My son took some pictures.


We are entirely sick of rain, and thunderstorms.  Please make it stop.  Now.

25JULY07 016 25JULY07 017
25JULY07 023 25JULY07 026
25JULY07 027 25JULY07 028


  1. OH – and my Instant Internet box died this morning as well. Seems I am a lightning rod, lately 😥