Limbo is officially dead. Now I am stuck nowhere

The Catholic church has rescinded limbo.  From now on babies that die without being baptized  won’t be left hanging.  Well, maybe they will be – but the Catholic Church “hopes” God will take them anyway. 

The Church made no statement about the millions that were placed into limbo before this revision of doctrine – are they now out of limbo, and if so, where are they?  Heaven, or hell?  God only knows I guess.  Because it’s pretty clear the Catholic Church isn’t sure.

How do you misplace millions of souls?

VATICAN CITY – The Roman Catholic Church has effectively buried the concept of limbo, the place where centuries of tradition and teaching held that babies who die without baptism went.

In a long-awaited document, the Church’s International Theological Commission said limbo reflected an “unduly restrictive view of salvation.”

Source: Vatican buries limbo after centuries – Focus on the Vatican –


  1. 😉 Hah!

  2. Thinking AGAIN, IndexOutOfBounds Exceptions and Buffer Overflows are quite the same, aren’t they? I mean, if you’re dealing with managed code, you get an Exception, while if you’re dealing with unmanaged code, you’ll get a buffer overrun…

    So, guessing from the age of the system, and the fact that if it were an exception it would’ve bought some services down and would be logged somewhere giving them some advance warning about the immenient, uhm, failure, I guess I can definitely say that you are definitely right and it IS a buffer overflow…

  3. Design flaws go hand in hand with Coding Horrors, don’t they?

    I personally would have this whole infrastructure ripped out, since it is more of a corporate firewall than anything else, no? Good employees get a vacation in Hawaii, while bad ones will be sent to write device drivers for undocumented wireless devices in Java.

    Rip the firewall off, and celebrate it! I bypassed the firewall some time ago, and haven’t looked back…

  4. ‘s Got nothing to do with the programmers:
    It was clearly a design flaw. Typical case of not-so-intelligent design.
    And why it took support THIS long to step in and take action is beyond me.

  5. Now both of you guys are programmers, I can’t believe you aren’t looking at code and deciding it was pure trash code that created limbo to begin with! We are looking at some folks here trying to cover up some REALLY awful spaghetti code and you guys are talking buffer overflow and memory.

    Fire the dern programmers and RTFM.

  6. Rethinking, maybe it WAS a Buffer Overflow afterall: They allocated limited space for Limbo, but when the space wasn’t enough, the new babies started overflowing into, uhm, a place “God only knows where”.

    So, yeah, you were right Rob!

  7. No way it could be a buffer overrun. Maybe an IndexOutOfBounds Exception, but just cannot be a buffer overrun.

    But then again, all we can do is speculate, because the people there probably don’t have a blog…

    But still, It just CAN’t be a buffer overflow. Maybe they ran out of storage, or aren’t using S3 or something like that…

  8. @Yuvi – I was thinking it was a buffer overflow – but you may be right! 😎

  9. Probably an undisclosed scaling issue. They’ve gotta look into their backend infrastructure 😀