Little notes – "about your house"

I just got an email from the new owner of a house I owned in Florida, for a short while (from July 2004 – April 2005.

He writes:

Closed on the house a few weeks ago, but haven’t moved in yet.  Saw the plywood in the garage for all the windows.  All clearly labeled – appreciate that!

Was moving the plywood to the other garage when I found the piece marked “front door”.  As I went to put it into the other garage I flipped it over, and on the back, I found your note. 

I love that you wrote the date and wind speed of each of the four hurricanes that hit you.  I love that for each storm you added another note about something you learned from the last storm.  I love that you think the front screened porch is safer than the master bedroom (even though I doubt I would feel the same).

Although I hid the messages from my wife, so as not to alarm her, I appreciate the effort.  Hopefully I won’t have to add any more data to your “storm list”.  But if the worse happens, I will!

Four storms in just a few months living in Florida?  Unreal!

And finally, thanks for including your email address!

PS – did you have problems with the whirlpool bath not draining?

Yeah.  Four storms in just a few months of living in Florida.  That’s why we live back in Texas again – in our old house (the safe one)!

And this guy isn’t the guy I sold my house to – it’s sold again since then.  And yes, the whirlpool bath always drained slow.  You need to flush the toilet then quickly flip the switch for the AUX pump.  Everything drains quickly then.  I think somehow flushing the toilet “primes” the AUX pump.  I learned this by accident.  Don’t ask how.

While this is the first storm related note I’ve ever left in a house, I have left a lot of notes in houses I have lived in.  But this is the first time I ever heard back from anyone.  I left notes in a very stubborn door-closure mechanism I repaired in a house in Hawaii and at an old farm house I rented that had a very, very temperamental propane tank.

Notes are fun – it’s like finding out a little bit more about a cherished family member.  And we’ve had great fun meeting each other (even if only over email) and chatting about the town, neighbors, etc.