Look Who’s Stupid Now

Not really, because I have enjoyed my HDTV for a few years… but I did spent 7K USD for a 42 inch Sony. Now I could buy at least four 42 inchers for that money.

Yeah, it’s painful to be an early adopter – but now Ryan has his game on with a new 46 incher. Enjoy it Ryan!

I wonder when the time will be right to move my Sony to the bedroom and upgrade to a bigger set for the family room (XBOX Central)?

And no, I am never satisfied with my current A/V or computer equipment. There’s so much innovation and price reduction in this field right now that you can almost bet that you can buy twice as much for half the money next year… but if you wait, you miss out on a year’s worth of enjoyment – and being an instant gratification type of guy, well – that’s just not acceptable!

Link to Oh yeah » Ryan Block


  1. Sorry – I have already won all of the Drew Barrymore points. Lionel Barrymore points are still available though…

  2. Personally I’d prefer my points to be Drew Barrymore points.

  3. Chris, yeah – it’s crazy – good crazy. 2000 worthless points to you for the word “Indie”. It’s a cool word!

    Ryan – 2000 worthless Drew Cary points to you for slumming in my blog! I love Engadget, BTW – keep up the good work.


  4. Fortunately years of living in super-cramped New York apartments made my HDTV buying decisions for me. It wasn’t until I moved to SF earlier this year that I had a place big enough to have an HDTV (or two).

  5. Goodness, I think I could make an indie film (in high-definition) for $7,000! Crazy, eh? All thanks to the wonderful advances in tech.