Lots of new stuff on the old blog…

Yes, I’m playing with a lot of stuff.  It’s what I like doing.  There is Grazr, both on a new page up top, and in the sidebar.  There is a “Sphere It” link at the end of every post that you an click on and see if my post is part of a conversation.  There is a new WIdget on the bottom right sidebar that shows my CoComments – comments I’ve made on other web sites.

There is also a new link to the left, on the bottom for “Adverts”.  It’s empty now, but if someone decides to advertise here, that’s where the link(s) will show up.  I won’t make much, if anything.  But beer money is beer money.

Oh – and the OPML page up top is just a placeholder right now for something I am working on.

I know all the widgets I add slow things down – I’m paying attention to that.  Grazr and Sphere don’t cause any more data to flow unless you click on them.  If the ads show up, I’ll see how long they take to load.  I know loading time is important – I even feel it here locally.  But until I can move to a server out of my home, the best I can offer is to monitor and adjust.