Manu the Monster

Watching the Spurs.  Manu Ginobili is a monster tonight.  Aggressive, making the big plays.  May have the best game of his career. Fun to watch if you aren’t an Orlando fan.

I’m not a huge basketball fan, but sans an NFL team here, I do my part to support the Spurs.  A really great group of really decent people.  How many professional sports franchises can make that claim?  NONE of them in jail – not once.   In fact, I can’t remember the last time a Spur was in jail (Dennis Rodman hasn’t played here in a LONG time).

And when we won our two NBA championships we didn’t burn cars or cause riot police to come out.  We partied.  As friends and neighbors.  As FANS.

Yeah, I love this city.  Yours?  I probably lived there once. I like mine more.  We know how to party.  We know how to celebrate.  And we know how to do it respectfully.  Let’s hope we get the opportunity to prove that again this year.

But the Dallas Mavericks are awesome, and all roads to the finals go through Dallas (heck, I’ve been to Dallas 50 times at least –  it seems all roads to ANYWHERE go through Dallas!)

Anyway, it doesn’t really even matter to me how this game ends up – who wins or loses.  I just love watching someone do very well at what they love, be that golf, basketball or the skeleton.

Manu is doing very, very well.