Marfa, Texas – Oscar-Town, USA

I’ve been to Marfa several times.  It’s a nice motorcycle ride (about 400 miles from my house) – but you do need to plan your fuel stops well – there aren’t many options for fuel on long stretches of this trip.

Marfa is making itself famous (again) by being the backdrop in two movies that have garnered 16 Oscar nominations this year.  It was also the location where Giant was filmed, 50 some years ago.

But in South Texas Marfa is known more for being the coldest place in Texas.  Often it has the lowest temperature in the state.  Not liking cold, this isn’t the time of year I would choose to go to Marfa.  Of course, the summers are brutally hot, so that is a bad motorcycle option as well.

But there are a few weeks in the Spring and a few weeks in the Fall where Marfa is a wonderful motorcycle destination – if you don’t mind the 5 hour ride (who does!?).