Marriage is a Series of Peaks and Valleys

Every now and then “V” nails it.  At least in my experience, this one hit pretty close to home. 

A marriage is a series of peaks and valleys. Sometimes, you’ll be so in love with your partner that you cant imagine life without them. Other times? No so much. Hell, there will be moments in your marriage where you wont even particularly like your spouse. People who say there’s no place for ambivalence in a marriage usually haven’t been married for very long.

Unfortunately, when plunged deep into the valley for the very first time, most couples panic and call the marriage counselor. If that doesn’t prove to be a quick fix, they find an attorney. After an expensive, bitter, hateful divorce, they go their separate ways destined to repeat the entire scenario with their next spouse.

No one ever tells them that the valleys are temporary. If they wait it out with good humor, they’ll likely peak again.

I don’t really know how men feel about the valleys in a marriage. However, I do know women tend to overreact intensely to any sign of dissatisfaction in the marital home. Women have an almost obsessive need to feel connected to their partner and even the slightest amount of distance instigates crying fits, martyrdom, temper tantrums, blame games and other overemotional displays of womanly angst. A man forgets one birthday or is less than enthused about a single outing and suddenly the love is gone and the relationship is dead. Unfortunately, jumping the gun or attempting to force a connection never helps. You cant nag your way into a happy marriage.

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  1. Doesn’t this means that you can pretty much put two random people together and expect the marriage to work? And that there’s really no such thing as love?

  2. Huh You are not married to my Husband I will I was brave and could kill myself

  3. I’ve seen enough marriages go wrong to know this is pretty much true. I also know that love is more a choice than a feeling.