Maryam Scoble is preggers. We all know that by now.

What’s interesting is that she isn’t having cravings!  But pregnancy HAS affected her.  How? She’s blogging more.  Four posts today, I think (even the one below, linking to me – thanks!).  That might be a record for her 🙂

Guys think how much cheaper it would be, and how much easier on you it would be if your pregnant wife just craved reading or writing blog posts!  No more trips to the supermarket at 2am looking for “anchovie olives, not those one’s with the red shit in the middle“.

Blog more, Maryam! You’re good at it.  Oh – and don’t start a baby book – start a BabyBlog! 

Link to Maryamie: How to avoid getting a speeding ticket