Maryamie: Four reasons I *Heart* Rob La Gesse

Maryam Scoble has just embarrassed me.

And yes, I love Maryam as well

People that really know me will know that I don’t like “tooting my own horn”.  Generally I like to be the quiet guy in the back of the room.

My blog is probably the only place I ever push my own agenda, and I try not to do it here either.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE it when my blog gets attention.  I’m just not as comfortable when *I* am getting attention.

So why am I linking to Maryam’s post?

Pride. I guess. I am just proud that I’ve been able to do a lot of little things that over time have come to mean more than any individual action.  Good grows.

And doing good grows on you.  It is a habit I can highly recommend.

And I’m hoping others realize it doesn’t really take a lot to do a lot.  Share your server with a blogger (or seven) from India.  Give a gal $10 to help save her family farm.  Contribute to an organization that encourages citizens to communicate with our deployed troops.

To me it isn’t interesting that I do these things.  What is interesting is that many people don’t.  I feel just as good giving someone ten dollars for a good cause as Bill Gates does getting a building on a campus named after him.

The giving are the gifted.  And it isn’t the size of the gift that matters.

What matters is that giving feels great – and giving gets other people to give.

And little things matter.

Thanks, Maryam. I truly appreciate you being a part of my life.

Rob La Gesse has tagged me to blog about the 4×4 theme that is going on right now, and I am too lazy and too fickle to do that, so I will write about four reasons I Red heart Rob La Gesse.

Maryamie: Four reasons I *Heart* Rob La Gesse