Maryamie – I cut my own hair, and she now colors hers.

Maryam makes me laugh.  Even when I guess her closing line before I get to it.  I might just know her too well.

You’ll have to go read her post to see what I mean.  But it put a smile on my face today – when I needed a smile.  Thanks, Maryam – this had me LMAO.

Sometimes though you just have to face your fears and get the job done. Not working currently, I just can’t justify spending a couple of hundred bucks doing my hair every six weeks. Heck, I can’t even justify it if I had a job. So I went to the drugstore a couple of days ago, picked up a box of Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color for $7.99 , did the obligatory allergy test and strand test and spent an hour today coloring my hair. I asked Robert what he thought when I was done blowdrying my hair and he said, well I can’t really tell that you dyed your hair so that’s a good sign I guess, and my mom just shrugged and said, well I’ve been telling you for years to do it yourself.