Maryamie: What is your IQ?

I hate these sorts of things – I especially hate them when I:

  • Don’t know I need to register until I finish the “test” (but must register to see my score)
  • They don’t accept my last name (it has a space in it – a lot of last names have spaces and shit, WEB 2.0 should be able to deal woith that)
  • At the end it tells me my score is ” “.

Yeah – went through all that shit and they never even showed me my score.  Lame.

They did give me this code to stick in my blog, so I’ll paste it below and see if even one thing on this site actually works.  But I wouldn’t visit this site if I were you.


<center><a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Testriffic IQ test”></a></center>

Link to Maryamie: What is your IQ?


  1. I guess that didn’t work either 🙁