Mashable is too busy to deal with Social Networking consulting directly (hey, good news – I’m not!)

Mashable (the self-stated premier source for Social Networking News) has an article that basically says they are too busy to handle any Web 2.0/Social Networking consultation – so they are “outsourcing it”.  Not to India, I don’t think.  But it doesn’t matter.

It’s an odd message to send out – “we want your business, and we’ll monitor things close, but we won’t actually be doing any of the work.”

Sounds like a contractor hiring a contractor.

Hey, I’m available to consult on Social Networking, and as always, my offer is don’t pay me if you don’t think I helped you.

Of course, if you stiff me with no explanation, I’ll probably blog about it – but if you retain me and really don’t feel as if I helped you (and you help me understand where I failed you), the whole thing is free.

What a deal – and no subcontracting! 🙂



  1. I enjoy Mark’s blog – he’s never afraid of speaking his mind, even if he knows he’ll catch hell for it!



  2. I had to pass on this link to a recent Mark Cuban post:

    His enthusiasm reminds me of yours…