Maxwell House

2_1_prod_1  I was raised on Folder’s coffee.  One of my Grandmothers drank Maxwell House, but I wasn’t a big coffee drinker back then.  I didn’t really start drinking coffee until I was about ten.  And I’ve pretty much woken up to Folder’s ever since.

Sure – I have bought my own designer beans, ground them, etc.  But Folder’s has been my go-to coffee.

Until now.  I bought Maxwell House a week ago because it was cheaper, and I was curious how it tasted (and my particular flavor of Folder’s was out of stock).

And now a week later I wake up to Maxwell House.  It doesn’t seem to get as bitter after being on a warmer for an hour.  My friends haven’t noticed that I switched even.

Oh – and it is cheaper.

What kept me from trying it sooner? Probably something as simple as, “Maxwell House didn’t invite me to”.  I’m sure they ran ads, but nothing compelling enough to me to even try them, much less switch.  When you are addicted to something, you need a very compelling reason to even try a new brand.

So thousands and thousands of dollars later I learn I prefer Maxwell House.  Sucks for me.  Sucks for Folder’s.  Sucks for Maxwell House.

How could they have gotten my interest sooner?

I’m not sure. Maybe send me not a one cup sample but a three pound can?  Sure – I’ll throw away a sampler packet, but not three pounds.  Three pounds of Maxwell House given to me 20 years ago would have caused me to buy 3lbs/week * 52 weeks * 20 years.  That’s over 3,000 pounds of coffee.  Sales Maxwell House (and me!) missed.

So now I drink Maxwell House, and not Folder’s.  No thanks to the marketing efforts of either.

Perhaps I just got bored with Folder’s.

Who knows.  But if you drink only Folder’s, try Maxwell House (and no, there are no ads here, so I have nothing to gain by telling you this).

And if you are Folder’s – stock my flavor – or risk losing me as a customer.


Brighten up your morning or energize your gatherings with family and friends with the full flavor and rich taste of our best Maxwell House ever. Our ground coffees are roasted with 100% Arabica beans for full flavor without the bitterness. Check out our Roast Intensity Meter on the front of the package to find the coffee that’s perfectly right for you.

Maxwell House – Ground Coffee


  1. That large container with so much room.
    Between the label and the handle: It must of been like chewing gum and walking; and just like the coach on mad tv that didn’t know his basketball team was blind and semi retarded when they were trying to figure out where the best place was for the label; and thee ease of getting onto and off the shelf.

  2. The coffee’s good; the merchandising between them and Folgers comes out of kindergarden class.