It’s just not going to be my day 🙁

After I booted my Vista 64 bit partition I noticed my video had all kinds of artifacts in it.  I powered down the system, checked all the cards and cables to make sure they were seated correctly then rebooted the machine to make sure the fans were all spinning (they were/are).

But as I rebooted into Vista 32 Bit mode I noticed that there was a chunk of heat sink in the bottom of my computer case.

I powered back off and started looking around, and what I found is scary!

My NVidia GeoForce 7900GT video card was melting!  The fan was still turning fine but the heat sink had gotten so hot that the solder melted and the heat sink was falling off (one piece was completely off).  The plastic shroud around the fan had melted as well and plastic dripped down onto my Hauppage TV Tuner card.  Closer inspection shows melted solder has also dripped onto my TV Tuner – and the Tuner Card no longer works 🙁

I’m not sure what happened – none of the temperature alarms went off on the PC, and it really doesn’t seem hot to the touch anywhere (not even on the video card).  I wonder if my installing the 64 bit version of Vista had something to do with this?  The video was working fine until I started installing Vista 64 bit yesterday.  I wonder if the drivers might not be good or something?  Who knows.

Anyway, I pulled the card out and got my digital camera to take a picture.  Guess what?  My Sony DSC-F717 is screwed up as well – the CCD problem that’s been well documented reared it’s ugly head.  Called Sony – they are going to fix it for free, but what a Pain in the Ass!

So today isn’t my day – I need a new video card (and that puppy wasn’t exactly cheap!) and a new TV Tuner card.  Sigh.


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