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My favorite plugin for MSN Messenger is now released in a brand new Vista-compatible version.  It works extremely well, and adds a ton of new features that I haven’t had anywhere near enough time to explore.  More later.  But try it – it won’t hurt you (but read the install screens closely – there is one decision in there you need to make.) 

Messenger Plus! Live 4.20 has been released

It’s already been 3 months since the last update and still, I feel like I didn’t have enough time to create the new version I desired. Well, new versions got to be released one day or another and it’s a well known facts that developers tend to keep pushing deadlines forever. So, here it is ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, moogles and bangaas: Messenger Plus! Live 4.20 :).

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  1. Clode? I should really spell-check!

    Let me know how the re-install goes!


  2. Clode? English please? ha ha. Yeah, it just shuts down with no warning. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, sometimes while I’m just idle. I chatted with a friend last night who has a web cam and he didn’t seem to be having any problems, and was enjoying it (this program works just fine on my laptop-strange). So, I went to the first rule of all things computer. I uninstalled and will reinstall in the next few days. If I still have problems I will let you know.

    You are so nice to play middle man with this!

  3. I know them – not sure if they rememeber me!

    What happens when it shuts down? Does MSN IM just clode with no warning?



  4. kaylyn says:

    Rob, I’m having serious problems with this program! I love it, don’t get me wrong. It combines a lot of things other IM programs do all under the Messenger roof, however. I can’t seem to stay connected for very long without windows shutting me down…oh I’m sorry “encountering an error, and apologizing for my inconvenience”. 🙂 I don’t think it’s related to my web cam any longer as now it isn’t even turned on and I’m getting kicked off. (as a side note, I’m going to have to eat crow. I talked a couple friends into downloading this, if they are having the same problem. They are going to kill me! ha ha)

    Email me what info you need I would be happy to supply you with whatever. Wow, you know the author…impressive…

    Thanks for the help!!

  5. Kaylyn – no, I haven’t had that problem. But I don’t use a webcam (due to popular demand!)

    Let me know if you continue to have issues – I’ll bring them up to the author.


  6. kaylyn says:

    I read it a little more and saw it was for XP and up. Decided to download it. Have you had any trouble with it shutting down unexpectedly? It did that to me twice tonight while using my web cam. I’ll pursue the message boards over the weekend, but just thought I would throw it out there. Other than that, I love all the enhancements! Thanks for the information.

  7. @Kaylyn – like Deannie says, it works fine on XP. It just hass some “special sauce” now for Vista.

    I did miss you in the comments!


  8. I liked this add-in a lot. I haven’t used it too much on my Vista machine yet, just my XP machine.

  9. kaylyn says:

    Hey there, long time no comment 🙂 I used to be fairly computer savy, but here lately in this world of blog and HTML, etc…whew!

    Anyway, dumb question. This messenger plus live looks fabulous! Messenger is what I use primarily, is it just for Vista or can I use it with XP? Thanks!