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Michael Yon is an independent journalist in Iraq.   I have been following him for a couple of years, and have supported his cause when I could.  Michael’s work is completely funded by our contributions – and what Michael can otherwise earn through his work (licensing photos, selling prints, etc).

As such, Michael will be my first formal “10%-er”.

Ten percent of what I make, or lose, at the casino this weekend will be contributed to Michael and his ongoing work.  So Michael needs me to win (or lose) big.  But I am quite confident he is rooting for me to win.  He’s just that kind of guy.

Read him if you really want to know what is going on in Iraq.


Most Iraqis I talk with acknowledge that if it was ever about the oil, it’s not now. Not mostly anyway. It clearly would have been cheaper just to buy the oil or invade somewhere easier that has more. Similarly, most Iraqis seem now to realize that we really don’t want to stay here, and that many of us can’t wait to get back home. They realize that we are not resolved to stay, but are impatient to drive down to Kuwait and sail away. And when they consider the Americans who actually deal with Iraqis every day, the Iraqis can no longer deny that we really do want them to succeed. But we want them to succeed without us. We want to see their streets are clean and safe, their grass is green, and their birds are singing. We want to see that on television. Not in person. We don’t want to be here. We tell them that every day. It finally has settled in that we are telling the truth.

Now that all those realizations and more have settled in, the dynamics here are changing in palpable ways.

Michael Yon : Online Magazine » Blog Archive » Baqubah Update: 05 July 2007