Why can’t I find these in the US?  I would love to have one of these!


Video: Microdrone up close video



Video: Microdrone maintaining position with GPS



Video: Microdrone party



  1. Yea watched the second video and I dont buy it. Unless the thing is Autonomous it will not hold position that well. Nothing will, Even high dollar military UAV’s cannot hold position while hovering that well. GPS is not that accurate either Our GPS System is top of the line and we have a 15 – 20 ft drift in it. But I admit the thing looks cool and they have a good video out. I don’t think I could get away with buying one though

  2. OK – I guess the GPS just keeps it in place?  Look at the second video – which they title "maintaining position with GPS".  The operator puts the remote down – and even on a windy day the Microdrone keeps it’s position (and altitude).

    I say you have your boss buy one, check it out, and then give it to me :)! 

  3. Gps doesn’t stabilize it. It’s got a set of on board Gyros that aid the operator in maintaining location along with pitch and roll. I think this thing would be more difficult to fly than a Helicopter as you would need to manage thrust on multiple rotors to keep it stable. Just my opinion though. I would love to get my hands on it just to figure out how they work.

  4. Tad – I like how small these are – and the multiple platforms seem to make them a very stable platform for vidio (the other think I like about these – the video is integrated – not something I have to "strap on" later).

    I tried a helicopter once – to much work to control.  I like how this thing auto-stabilizes with the on-board GPS.

    And yeah.  One day, when I hit it big, I’ll buy one of your units!


  5. You know you can buy RC units similiar to this from just about any Hobby shop. The craft is not all that unique or special. The operator must have the skill to fly and hover it in high winds. It’s a pretty basic design. They sell Helicopters equipped with cameras now relatively cheap. Or you can buy one of my systems which are priced around 450K now.