Microsoft can’t innovate?

This is the feature set for just one of the new Microsoft Live applications.  And they can’t innovate?  Don’t delude yourselves, and don’t let Fan Boys lead you to believe that if it isn’t done by two kids in a garage it isn’t cool.  These features are cool. 

The Windows Live SkyDrive team just announced some new features, here is what is included:

· 1 GB of storage Everyone now gets 1 GB of space.

· RSS feeds You can subscribe to RSS feeds on public folders. You will receive a notification anytime someone changes the folder.

· Add a contact from the SkyDrive website You no longer have to go to Hotmail or Messenger to add contacts to share with. You can now add contacts on the SkyDrive website.

· See who uploaded a file On the page that tells you all the details about a file, you can now see who uploaded the file.

· Share with non Live IDs  In the past, only Live ID contacts would appear in your contact picker. Now, you can share with any e-mail address. The owner of the non Live ID e-mail address will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the shared folder.

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