Microsoft Conversation – re:Vista

Update: Please note – I have updated my two major posts about this issue with a link back to this post.

I just had a lengthy conversation with Microsoft regarding my issues with Vista this past weekend. I’ll be posting a much longer entry on this later this evening. They were cordial, concerned, and treated me with the utmost respect. I appreciate that.

I think that while we were chatting we may have discovered why I had the problems with WGA that I had – not sure yet – but it does appear that my hands are not totally clean here. It’ll take some research for me to go back through emails, IMs, and blog posts to get a definite timeline on what happened, and when. But I received a build of Vista (6000.xxxx) from someone inside Microsoft. I didn’t think anything of it – it was obvious that they thought they were doing something good – getting a better build of Vista into the hands of someone that was becoming more and more enamored with Vista as the builds kept getting better and better. It appears that accepting this build was a mistake on my part – I assumed it was the “final” 6000 build. It very well might not have been. That alone could have everything to do with my experience with the WGA bomb that was dropped this past weekend. Microsoft will have to sort that out – and I will certainly help them as much as I can (I already told them I would not share the name of the employee that shared the build with me).

I guess I was kind of flattered at the time – I am a blogger, and thought, “this is cool – someone takes my opinion seriously”. I think I considered myself as getting a “media preview” at the time. I should have known better. It’s caused me to lose a lot of time and work.

Now I am NOT letting Microsoft off the hook either on WGA or on the way I was treated in their forums. MS is also looking into the forum issues. I am not letting the jerk who Meebo’ed me off the hook (although I did decline to provide that IP address to MS when asked for it). No company of any size can control every emotion their employees have – so I don’t blame the IM on Microsoft – I blame it on the person that sent the IM.

Now I have a direct contact at a senior level within MS – and any more nasty IMs WILL be reported. So please, don’t do that.

As I said, I’ll post more on this later – but I also told MS that I am sticking with my decision to move to Ubuntu.
I’ll try to get the longer post out tonight, but it may be tomorrow morning before I get it completed.