Microsoft Is in Talks To Buy Facebook Stake –

Very interesting.  10-15 BILLION dollars in valuation?  Whew!

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft Corp. is in talks with Facebook Inc. about making an investment in the social-networking startup that could value Facebook at $10 billion or more, according to people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft Is in Talks To Buy Facebook Stake –


  1. Sounds like the 2000-2001 tech bubble hasn’t taught people much!

    That valuation is outrageous. Especially considering that most if not all of that is based on FUTURE value. It’s all vaporware. Intangible hype. Pure speculation.
    There’s no way in hell they’re EVER going to recoup that money. Not even a fraction of it. They’re looking too much to the competition and are NOT keeping an eye on the ball.

    It’s time for a FED chairman to utter the words ‘Irrational Exuberance’ again!

    I’m predicting a HUGE ‘correction’ for the stock markets REAL soon (and not just tech).

    (Disclaimer: following my own gut feeling: I’m 100% in cash right now, which, with the current money market rates, is not necessarily a bad thing…)