Microsoft Remote Desktop Weirdness

I have a Desktop called “Waco”.  It is my main computer (not my file server, but my application server).  I Remote Desktop to it from any other machine in the house.  Mainly from my Thinkpad in the living room.

I hate the Cps Lock Key.  And on the Waco, the caps lock it too damn close to the rest of my keys – I hit it often.   So I disabled it the Registry.

But now, if I am connected remotely over Remote Desktop, then the first time I hit the Caps Lock on my laptop, it is accepted by my laptop, but denied by my remote machine (I think that is what is happening).  Also, my local machine can no longer toggle Caps Lock while I am in the RDP session.

You can recover from this by minimizing the RDP session, and then pressing caps lock TWICE on the local machine – then maximizing the RDP window again. (or disconnect and reconnect to the RDP session)

Odd.  Why would MS let the remote RDP window re-map my keyboard?  Is that what’s happening?

It feels that way 🙂