Microsoft SyncToy 2.0 is cool. But.

I love SyncToy 2.0.  First, it is free.  Second, it just works.  Every morning I wake up with my desktops synced between 4 computers.  My pictures/video and music is all synced from my computers to my server.  So no matter what machine I download that video or MP3 from, I always have access to it from any machine, and I don’t have to search for it.  I will be in the right folder on the server.  Magic.

What I wish I could do with it is tell it, “Copy all the music files from my desktop to the music folder on my server.  Move all the videos on my desktop to the video folder on my server.  Copy all the PowerPoint presentations on my desktop to the desktops of my other computers.”

That would really be magical.

(and yes, I know I owe a tutorial on SyncToy.  Busy week).